Alvin Duskin, aged 90

Alvin and Sara Duskin

A much-loved member of the family, Alvin Duskin, husband of Sara Urquhart of Craigston died at his home in California aged 90.

Alvin was a passionate educator, an entrepreneurial businessman and a political activist. He used his influence to promote a series of visionary environmental projects and local initiatives to serve his beloved San Francisco.

His varied achievements include building the first wind farm in California after paving the way with necessary legislation in Washington, DC, making turbines in Leningrad, launching the first cornflake and potato packaging plant in Poland, blocking the sale of Alcatraz Island to a Texas oilman which allowed for the Native American Indian Movement to reclaim the island, manufacturing the Peace Dress, which the NewYork Times called ” the fastest- ever selling women’s dress.” 

We have loved him for his wisdom and enthusiasm and we will especially miss his irrepressible sense of humour.