Team Building

Think outside, no box required

At Craigston Castle we can provide a tailored package of outdoor activities and bushcraft workshops to engage and inspire your team. Our team building days make use of the beautiful castle and its grounds, for workshops and presentations and the adjacent Craigston Woods for the activities.

Our broad objectives include:

  • Building resilience
  • Team bonding and relationship development
  • Developing both leadership and effective team engagement
  • Having fun, whilst engaged in a rewarding learning experience.

What would happen if your group was stranded or lost in the wild? Teamwork and good leadership will be the cornerstone of their success. We provide a range of tailor-made bush craft activities and opportunities to enable your staff and executives to engage in a cohesive and efficient manner and learn the importance and values of teamwork, critical thinking and social relationships.

We can offer from half day to three days experiences, that can be tailored to blend a mixture of workshops and meetings, or we can provide intensive sessions or bushcraft workshops, to maximize your experience for those that need to get back to the office.

​Our activities are designed to provide a unique learning experience that forge strong bonds, encourage teamwork, shape leaders and foster resilience to adversity.

​Some examples:

  • Navigation to base camp
  • Basics of bushcraft
  • Tools of the trade
  • Fundamentals of fire craft
  • Crafting a campsite
  • Unconventional cooking
  • Shelter secrets

Please contact us, we would like to discuss your core objectives, business needs, or team issues to ensure the course will challenge and inspire your staff.

Craigston Castle's Outdoor Team BuildingCraigston Castle's Lawn DaffodilsCraigston Castle's Team Building
Craigston Castle's Grounds - Woods