Reception Rooms

The Drawing Room at Craigston Castle

The drawing room was refurbished in the 1800s when important pieces such as the looking glasses were acquired in France (reputed to have once been housed in the Palais de Versailles). The magnificent carved oak panels that line the windows and doors were brought down from Cromarty Castle where they had once lined the walls of the great hall.

Evening in the drawing room

There is a painting of Captain John Urquhart “the pirate” that hangs by the fire place.

Craigston Castle anti-drawing room

The ante-drawing room has beautiful red wall paper, family portraits and a “Laird’s lug”.

The Morning Room at Craigston

The morning room has been turned into the dining room for guests. Adjacent to this room there is “dumb waiter” that is still used to bring food up from the kitchen below.

The Queen's Room at Craigston Castle

The queen’s room, where Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother stayed in the early 1950s has recently been converted into a sitting room / TV room for guests.