Loss of the old bridge

A serious flash flooding event on the 28th of Sept caused a lot of disruption in the area around Craigston with large damages suffered by many people, particularly farmers who lost animals, crops and buildings.

Lots of bridges were damaged, and roads around the area became impassable (Craigston was practically cut off) with impact on traffic and commercial activities.

The main Banff bridge was closed for 24 hours.

A month later the situation is improved for everyone, the bridge on the main road is now repaired and the main road out of the estate is open again.

Craigston estate, and the people living here, were hit badly by the flooding. Three estate bridges were badly damaged (2 still now unusable) and saddest of all the old bridge near the castle (1700s) was completely washed away due to the force of the water, “I’ve never seen a flood like this before” said Bill, our estate manager. This bridge was slightly lower than the others and so suffered the full force of the torrent. We have spent days trying to recover whatever stone we can (some up to a mile away).

The bridge was a favourite place to play “pooh sticks” for many generations of children.

Also the other old bridge (castled/lovers bridge) suffered damage from impacts from heavy vehicles that were diverted through the estate when the main road bridges were damaged.

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In this painting of Craigston, you can see how the bridge originally looked: